Lobbyist Report: March 2020

This year ABATE has decided to travel in a little different direction, we now have a legislative advocacy committee. The committee is comprised of Lou Ann Kibbee, Bill Cooper, Sis Boher and me Tony Railsback.
To start the year Bill Cooper and I went to the Kansas GOP Republican Convention in Olathe Kansas. Bill and I visited with a lot of Federal Legislators and their Aids. There were not very many state legislators there. Bill and I tried to push the Federal profiling resolution SB255. I got the impression it was accepted very well with hopes that we can get more federal legislators in Kansas to sign on. The negligent driving bill was introduced again this year in January by the Kaw Valley bicycle club.
It went to the house transportation committee for a hearing and was not perceived very well. It did not make it out of the transportation committee and is now dead for the rest of the legislative session. Bill Cooper has been working on the verbiage
for a Kansas profiling bill. He is using Louisiana law and changing it to fit Kansas. It is too late in this 2020 session to get a new bill introduced. It should be
ready to go for next year. Bikers Under the Dome went well. There were several there representing ABATE and one from COC. We could have used more people to make a better showing... The ones that were there took time to visit with their personal legislators. The one’s Tammy and I visited were very receptive to us. So, at this point, we have no pending legislation but will watch for any negative legislation that affects us as motorcycle riders. The Kansas Democratic Convention is March the 6th at the Ramada Inn Downtown in Topeka. We as ABATE will be there with a hospitality room. This would be a great event to come show your support for ABATE and meet your Democratic legislative representatives. We hope to see a lot of you there. If you have any legislative concerns, please feel free to reach out to any of us on
the advocacy committee. My new e-mail is totolandofoz@ yahoo.com or totolandofoz@
gmail.com. I am retiring in a few months and will not have access to tony@techinc.org.
Respectfully, Tony